Entrepreneur Advisory
ICV provides leadership and advice on initiatives that support the Next Change Maker to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Meeting the right people is essential for success.

Because of this, ICV empowers entrepreneurs and creates significant engagement at an early stage by introducing them to the most influential people their business will serve as it finds scalable solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.


ICV’s Team
  • Empowered professionals within capital and corporate markets
  • Firsthand experience working on behalf of family offices for more than a decade
  • Manage large pools of institutional capital
  • Lead boards towards performance and efficiency, stewarding strategic planning and risk management
  • Craft international engagement strategies for business interests abroad
  • Capable of driving liquidity from unique sources
Social Impact Assessment
  • Extensive due diligence
  • Determine the company’s potential to achieve the SDGs
Venture Engineering

Our venture engineers take a hands-on approach to building businesses from the outside in.

  • De-risk the people factor
  • Engage multiple stakeholders who have deep embedded industry knowledge
  • Ensure a company’s value proposition is clear and compelling
  • Optimize a company’s strategic position
Investment Messaging
  • Executive Summary: this document identifies the addressable market, the problem, the product, the development status and/or current commercial status, valuation framework, and funding needed
  • Presentation: this document covers in greater depth the key points covered by the Executive Summary, as well as the key business risks, applicable IP, and financial overview
  • Financial Pro Forma: this document includes the market build, P&L build, Expense line-item analysis, cash flow, and cash on hand at the end of each period. Financial models are built out by month over 36 months
  • Formal S-1 filings and Term Sheets