ICV enthusiastically supports the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by focusing exclusively on companies that advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 17 Goals to Transform Our World.

ICV brings visibility to sustainable companies and introduces them to investors who care for our future and can advance corporate responsibility, capitalize businesses at significant levels, and influence systemic change in the world.

We are pleased to feature innovative companies led by the next generation of business leaders who are contributing to the realization of the SDGs.


Cibus has developed plant and microbial platforms enabling it to become a world leader in advanced breeding technologies, generally, and advanced non-transgenic breeding, specifically. The Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS™), its proprietary technology for non-transgenic breeding, enables site-specific edits of native genes with no introduction of foreign DNA. The precise and predictable outcomes can replicate products developed using traditional mutagenesis and are identical to those that could occur in nature, given enough time. Consequently, these plants are not considered transgenic, the key attributes of GMO crops.

Cibus has launched its first commercial crop, SU Canola™, a non-transgenic canola tolerant to sulfonylurea herbicides in the United States, and has received regulatory approval in Canada, putting the trait on track to launch there in the near future. Over the next 10 years Cibus expects to develop new, non-transgenic traits for most major crops.


Aridis Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel, differentiated therapies for infectious diseases. Complementing the product pipeline is a disruptive platform technology to discover rare, potent human monoclonal antibodies from patients. The company’s scientists and leadership team have a proven track record of innovation and successful drug development stewardship of therapeutic candidates from early discovery to commercial implementation.

The company is developing a portfolio of fully human anti-infective monoclonal antibody products aimed at treating gram + and – microbes that cause serious illness, including MRSA, pneumonia and sepsis.

The company has three late stage clinical assets (Phase 3/2b) addressing a large market opportunity.

Aridis’ proprietary discovery platform (MabIgX) enables the company to advance drug candidates to the clinic faster than with tradition discovery.

Healthcube is in the business of digitizing global health for improving access, quality and efficiency. HeathCube aims to innovate and sell instant, high quality, efficient, affordable, point of care diagnostics and follow-up services leading to better health compliance, decisions, and outcomes.

The company’s flagship product HealthCube Pro is an innovative patient management & diagnostic tool that helps clinics and doctors improve patient care. It is a portable device that can perform 33 pre-screening diagnostic tests including urine and finger prick based rapid diagnostic tests along with diagnostic algorithms and applications for patient registration, medical records, payment, and referrals. Tests results are available in minutes and are saved in encrypted format. The company also provides end to end solutions for society and welfare projects and have been working closely with large conglomerates and executing thousands of diagnostic tests at different locations.

With strong leadership, the company has been expanding internationally and has a presence in more than 10 countries providing innovative and affordable diagnostic solutions.

LumiraDx helps achieve better health care, social care, and financial outcomes, affordably, in the here and now. Healthcare organizations continue to wrestle with avoidable costs, preventable errors, and operational inefficiency, all while aspiring to improve their consumer experience, outcomes, and bottom line. Meanwhile our economies continue to be challenged by rising healthcare costs attributable to fragmented care and long term conditions, especially diabetes, heart failure, COPD, and their co-morbidities. Common approaches to address these challenges – rip-and-replace information systems, deploy siloed programs that hope to “manage” high-risk patients, use minimally interconnected systems to coordinate care – have proven exorbitantly expensive, unduly cumbersome, financially unsustainable, and eventually inadequate to achieve desired benefits. LumiraDx offers proven solutions to help achieve your health care transformation goals, practically and reliably, in the here and now.

Pyramid Bioscience is building the premier biotech company targeting the tropomyosin kinase receptor (Trk) family. The company’s goal is to develop a diverse pipeline of novel drug candidates in oncology, neuroscience and dermatology that target the regulation of the Trk receptors for a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Technology: The Trk receptors play an important role in regulating signaling networks which control cell proliferation, nerve growth, and neuronal development.

Pyramid Bioscience is developing a broad clinical pipeline that will provide novel treatment strategies in both large market indications (cancer, depression, chronic pain, atopic dermatitis) as well as important orphan disease markets (neuroblastoma, Huntington’s Disease).

Spectrum Dynamics Medical is transforming nuclear imaging. The company’s sole focus is the development of high-definition, functional imaging technology that meets the clinical and workflow demands of today’s diagnostic imaging market. A field void of major gamma camera developments for the past two decades. Spectrum Dynamics is synonymous with industry breakthrough. With a diverse portfolio that includes over 70 patents, patent applications and preparation applications, plus accessories that assure quality control and complete patient data collection and verification throughout the imaging process.



Liberty & Justice is Africa’s leading ethical apparel manufacturing company. Liberty & Justice specializes in value chain management for high-volume, time-sensitive, duty-free goods for leading American clothing brands, trading companies, and other importers who care about exceptional quality, on-time delivery, social and environmental impact, and geographic diversity.

Vision: Liberty & Justice is committed to a future in which producers and consumers are completely aligned in making economic choices that result in the eradication of poverty, the responsible stewardship of the environment, and the empowerment of workers through the fair exchange of quality goods and services.

Mission: Liberty & Justice was established to transform the apparel supply chain from worker exploitation and environmental degradation to partnership and sustainability.


SDG 12

OrganoClick has developed a number of products using its technologies for modification of fibers. Current technologies consists of technologies for imparting water repellency, improved mechanical strength, fire resistance and durability to biological degradation and rot fungus. The different technologies has been adapted for wood, textiles, nonwoven, specialty paper, and biocomposites.

The company structure is organised into four different business units on basis of our current operations. The business units are Green chemistry, Green coatings & cleaning products, Functional Wood, and Biocomposites. Except for the four different business units, the company group is supported by an R&D unit, a Sustainability & Quality unit and a Finance & Economy function. A schematic oversight over the company organisation can be seen in the figure below.