ICV is pleased to host ICV Delegation Visit Japan 2017, where we will introduce companies to investors, potential partners and government officials located in Tokyo and Yokohama.


Japan is one of the world’s most developed and sophisticated healthcare markets, especially in the biopharmaceutical and medical technology space. Behind the U.S., Japan is the second world’s second-largest pharmaceutical market.

Japan not only has a complex and rewarding reimbursement scheme for marketed products, but a vibrant R&D landscape with particularly innovative incentives. In areas such as Regenerative Medicine, for instance, Japan is the global leader, having implemented a unique regulatory mechanism in 2014 for the expedited approval of Regenerative Medicines.

On a macro level, the country’s rapidly aging population, with the 65-and-older demographic on track to increase from 25% to 40% of the population, presents huge challenges for government and the economy and creates huge opportunities for innovation and international expansion. Because of this, Japan is increasingly opening up to foreign markets and to international companies operating within the country.

Our comprehensive and customized delegation visits provide insights into operating throughout Asia and U.S. – Asia relations, as well as the opportunity to explore potential investment and cross-border partnering opportunities.

With a targeted approach and sustained engagement, entry into Japan can be transformational.


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Upcoming Asia Delegation Visits


ICV Delegation Visit Greater China 2017


In China, meetings are less transactional than in other markets and sustained follow-ups and visits are the key to establishing long-term relationships. Because of this, ICV will customize visits based upon company objectives and advise clients on their China strategy. High-level, one-on-one meetings are arranged that have direct follow-up implications and facilitate a variety of different partnering mechanisms for co-development and/or investment. Beyond the meeting, ICV provides follow-up and ongoing communication regarding company releases to help multiple stakeholders stay informed.

Within healthcare, the Chinese market is developing rapidly, with true innovation starting to happen, and an aggressive move towards cross-border collaboration, both for investments and licensing. ICV introduces biotech and medical device companies to government officials, large pharmaceutical companies, and Family Offices and Fund Investors located throughout Greater China.


Past Asia Delegation Visits


Delegation Visit Taiwan, June 26 – July 2, 2017


Taiwan’s boom in biotechnology means licensing, partnering and investment agreements are at an all-time high. 

ICV will host Delegation Visit Taiwan, a week-long roadshow with one-on-one meetings with investors and access to BioTaiwan 2017.

Unique characteristics make the biotech industry in Taiwan an appealing prospect to the global life science community looking for partnership, investment or licensing opportunities.

  • Vibrant VC industry and capital markets
  • Strong business and cultural ties to the Greater China market
  • World-class clinical trial capability
  • Transparent legal and business environment, with strong IP protection
  • Well established private-public partnerships with deep innovation pipelines
  • Highly-educated, motivated and cost-effective workforce
  • Executives with overseas training, global view and Big Pharma experience
  • Strong government support, subsidies and tax breaks


Delegation Visit China and Singapore, Spring 2017

This spring, ICV introduced one of its innovative biopharmaceuticals clients to potential partners and investors in China and Singapore.

With nearly three dozen one-on-one meetings scheduled in total, adding up to tens of billions in combined fund AUM, interest in Asia has proved strong for U.S. biopharmaceuticals. These meetings have had direct follow-up implications, with several investors now conducting a deeper dive.

Chinese partners and investors are continuing to look for mid to late-stage clinical assets combatting a variety of severe diseases in China.

In Singapore, interest is in early-stage opportunities, with more of a focus on platform technologies, medical devices and hospital-oriented services.


Delegation Visit Greater China: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Winter 2017