Michelle Clements
President, Synergy Trust Company

Michelle Clements is the President of Synergy Trust Company, a trust company created for her family. Prior to receiving the charter, her role was as Family Office Executive. She began working with her family in a formal capacity in 2006, first as Chairman of the Board and Co-Trustee where she helped to establish a governance structure and on-going educational opportunities for next generation family members. In addition to working with the Board of Managers on strategic planning, Michelle works on investment and estate planning.

She is a frequent speaker on family office, wealth management and governance topics. She also serves as a consultant to families working in the areas of governance, organizational structure and the creation of private trust companies.

Prior to working with her family, Ms. Clements was a consultant for various non-profits. She holds a B.A. degree in International Trade and French from Auburn University and a M.A., Ed. degree from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Michelle has studied at the Stanford Wealth Management program and the Cannon Financial Institute.