Rahul Bhansali
Director, Indlak Group

Indlak Group manages the Bhansali Family’s business assets that are primarily located in India and spread across a number of activities such as international trade, footwear manufacturing, real estate development, hospitality, and producing organic food & lifestyle products. Its founder, Rajeev Bhansali, has built a number of entities in areas of printed circuit board manufacturing, cement manufacturing, and petrochemical distribution. Mr. Rajeev Bhansali is a Director and former President of the Delhi Midtown Rotary club, considered the wealthiest and one of the most powerful Rotary clubs in India, Vice President of the Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce, and a father of three.

As Director of Indlak Group, Rahul has managed a number of the family enterprises, helped initiate its foray into organic agriculture, Ehsaas Organic, and driven the international trade activities and consulting activities of Indlak Capital that bridge the gap between Indlak’s India-based interests and the USA. Mr. Rahul Bhansali is also the co-founder of a NYC-based company creating innovative technologies, including the first passive exoskeletons and data-gathering sensors, that help solve the over $250 billion problem of injuries in industrial work.