Robert Smith
Founder, ICV

Robert entered Wall Street over 20 years ago with lessons passed down from four generations of family members who worked in the investment industry before him. Since 2006, he has worked for, advised and co-invested with Family Offices, while serving in capacities that involved sourcing investment opportunities, conducting company and manager due diligence, and deal syndication. Over the course of his career, he has managed sales desks and trading desks at large financial institutions, where he built a Fund Investor network. He led in profitability at three firms: once while working in a trading capacity and twice while working in a sales capacity. In 2014, Robert founded ICV to bring together his network of Family Offices and Fund Investors to create a social impact beyond a financial return.

He is Partner of Merchant Liquidity Fund, a hybrid hedge/private equity fund; Business Strategy Advisor to New Frontier Bio, which leverages the long-term involvement of the Kennedy family in health care; Member of the President’s Advisory Board of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, a 193-year-old institution with 19,000 strong who provide the highest-quality, compassionate clinical care for patients, educate the health professionals of tomorrow, and discover new treatments and therapies that will define the future of health care; Senior Advisor for Fundraising and Partnerships to the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, a platform to consolidate peace efforts and strengthen global security, monitor and support the Nobel Peace Laureates, and engage the minds of young people and citizens on real matters that broaden vision and open up new horizons for more peaceful and compassionate thinking; and, he is a member of the Advisory Council of Represent.Us, a movement to end corruption in the United States.

Robert serves on the Boards of the Chaeli Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on growing social cohesion and inclusion of children, youth and adults with disabilities; Childhood Cancer Kids, a nonprofit that increases childhood cancer awareness and elevates the spirits of children with cancer; the Children’s Village,  a nonprofit that works in partnership with families to help society’s most vulnerable children so that they become educationally proficient, economically productive, and socially responsible members of their communities; Tuesday’s Children, a response and recovery nonprofit organization that supports youth, families, and communities impacted by terrorism and traumatic loss; and, the Harmon Foundation, a private foundation established in 1922 by Robert’s great, great grandfather, William E. Harmon, who operated the largest real estate company in the world at the turn of the century, created the “partial payment plan” or–as we know it today–the mortgage, and donated to thousands of nonprofits over his lifetime.