William Mott
Founder and President , Agland

William Mott has been an agribusiness consultant since 1974. Prior to his work as a consultant, Mott worked with a number of agribusiness firms. He was managing director of Nippon Libby, a frozen food company in Japan — a joint venture between Nestle Corporation and Mitsubishi Shoji. He spent a total of five years working with Nestle in the areas of food processing and international food marketing. Mott was also a senior agribusiness consultant at Development and Resources Corporation in Sacramento, California. In this capacity, he planned and established large agribusiness projects in the Middle East. Mott also planned and established with three partners the first foreign cut flower export producer and marketer in Colombia. The company has become one of the largest flower exporters in Latin America with annual sales of over $100 million.

Mott has been active in the area of agribusiness startup, merger, and acquisition. He was instrumental in the formation of a number of companies including Clos du Val Winery, a highly successful winery in Napa County, and Flynn Rainbow Nursery, one of the largest container plant nurseries in the United States, located in San Diego. Another company he helped found, Agland Energy Services, has grown to become one of the largest non-utility suppliers of natural gas in California. A joint venture between a melon grower and a melon marketer proposed by Mott has become a highly successful packing shed/marketing operation.

In the international sphere, Mott has undertaken numerous missions for the World Bank. Among others, he served as an agribusiness expert for an Agricultural Sector Study in Argentina and he led a project in India to install an apple and walnut processing plant in Kashmir. He was chosen by the American Society of Agricultural Consultants to identify private agribusiness opportunities in Kenya. He has evaluated marketing opportunities for black pepper grown in Ponape, South Pacific, and conducted a multi-nation fresh produce marketing study for a private client in Latin America. Currently, Mott is providing financial and management consulting services to both private and public sector clients.

Mott holds a degree in food processing from the University of California at Davis and a MBA from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He speaks Japanese and has a working knowledge of Spanish.