Strategic Advisory
The ICV Strategic Advisory Team has more than 100 years of combined industry experience, working for family offices and large asset management firms in analytical positions, managing equity capital markets and trading desks, and publishing bulge bracket equity research. Because of our community, we see a lot of deal flow. Because of our diverse experience, we can identify a company’s hidden value and its potential, and provide solutions for the challenges that companies face as they compete for attention in today’s crowded capital markets environment.


Key Differentiators
  • Worked for and served single family offices for more than a decade
  • Managed a proprietary trading desk at the world’s leading proprietary trading firm
  • Managed institutional sales and capital markets at boutique investment banks
  • Managed market making at the world’s largest market maker, during a period of unprecedented volume and volatility
  • Built an international equities trading desk for a 200-person brokerage firm
  • Facilitated block trades with a broad set of market participants
  • Managed money for large institutional and individual clients
  • Appeared on CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg Radio and featured in Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Transcript, The New York Times, Business Week and Reuters
  • Founded multiple private and publicly listed start-up companies
  • Led boards towards board performance and efficiency, stewarding regulatory and legal complexities, strategic planning and enterprise risk management
  • Served over 60 companies as their financial consultant
  • Published biotech research at a bulge bracket firm
  • Managed an international government affairs portfolio for Asia Pacific for the world’s largest biotechnology trade association
  • Crafted international engagement strategies to promote member companies’ business interests abroad
  • Introduced companies to thousands of investors globally
  • Raised capital for hundreds of companies, both private and public
Evaluate Company’s Current Position
  • Determination impact, fit with community and likelihood of positive outcome for all
  • Extensive Due Diligence by analysts with more than 50 years of combined investment management experience
  • Evaluation of current marketing materials
  • Evaluation of current investment engagement by type and geography
Maximize Sustainable Shareholder Value

ICV approaches Strategic Advisory using a multi-discipline process, optimizing our clients’ market and strategic positioning, maximizing their valuation and creating sustainable shareholder value.

Our services positively impact our clients’ strategic plans enabling them to accelerate growth and achieve their operational milestones.

  • Ensure the Company’s story and potential are understood by the financial community
  • Diversify and expand the shareholder base
  • Develop timely, impactful investor disclosures
  • Drive liquidity
Make the Opportunity Clear:  Investment Messaging
  • Executive Summary: This document identifies the addressable market, the problem, the product, the development status and/or current commercial status, Valuation Framework, and Funding Needed
  • Presentation: This document covers in greater depth the key points covered by the Executive Summary, as well as the key business risks, applicable IP, and financial overview
  • Financial Pro Forma: This document includes the Market build, P&L build, Expense line-item analysis, Cash Flow, and Cash on Hand at the end of each period. Financial models are built out by month over 36 months
  • Formal S-1 Filings and Term Sheets
Prepare, Distribute & Penetrate:  Independent Research and Newsflow
  • Independent Research Report: A deep analysis of the Company, including Valuation Model
  • Ongoing editorial services (i.e. Earnings Call Summary and Quarterly Reports)
  • Facilitate distribution of Company information and Independent Research
Engage with Investors

ICV helps companies to build and strengthen relationships with investors vis-à-vis one-on-one and group meetings. Roadshows are organized by a staff of seasoned professionals with diverse experience and investor networks. Beyond the meeting, we provide ongoing communication regarding company news, research, earnings updates, and unusual trading volume to help investors stay informed.

World Placeholder


  • Non-deal United States and Europe Roadshows: One-on-Ones with Family Offices and Fund Investors
  • Asia Delegation Visits provide the opportunity to explore potential investment and cross-border partnering opportunities
Engage with Wall Street
  • Provide connections to Sell-Side Analysts and Capital Markets professionals at Bulge Brackets and Boutique Investment Banks
  • Provide connections to Retail Brokerage and Private Banking groups
  • Organize Company events, such as Field Trips and Analyst Days
Engage with Potential Partners
  • Provide connections to potential partners
  • Leverage Company presence at trade-shows, conferences, and/or medical meetings




*Securities offered through a FINRA registered broker-dealer.