Strategic Advisory
ICV identifies a company’s hidden value and positions the company to thrive in today’s capital markets environment.

Internal and External Talent Pool
  • Work for and serve single family offices for more than a decade
  • Facilitate block trades at quant shops and market making firms
  • Manage large pools of institutional capital
  • High-level and highly visible
  • Lead boards towards performance and efficiency, stewarding strategic planning and risk management
  • Manage an international government affairs portfolio for Asia Pacific
  • Craft international engagement strategies for business interests abroad
Social Impact Assessment
  • Extensive due diligence by investment community and talent pool
  • Determine the company’s potential to solve the SDGs
Maximize Shareholder Value

A multi-discipline process: optimizing a company’s market and strategic positioning, maximizing valuation and creating sustainable shareholder value.

Positively impact a company’s strategic plan to accelerate growth and achieve operational milestones.

  • Ensure the company’s story and potential are understood by the financial community
  • Diversify and expand the shareholder base
Investment Messaging
  • Executive Summary: this document identifies the addressable market, the problem, the product, the development status and/or current commercial status, valuation framework, and funding needed
  • Presentation: this document covers in greater depth the key points covered by the Executive Summary, as well as the key business risks, applicable IP, and financial overview
  • Financial Pro Forma: this document includes the market build, P&L build, Expense line-item analysis, cash flow, and cash on hand at the end of each period. Financial models are built out by month over 36 months
  • Formal S-1 filings and Term Sheets
Research and Targeted Distribution
  • Independent Research Report (i.e., deep analysis of the company, including valuation model)
  • Ongoing editorial services (i.e., earnings call summary and quarterly reports)
  • Timely communication of company related information
  • Impactful investor disclosures
Engage with Investors

ICV introduces sustainable companies to hard-to-reach family offices, leading fund investors, private banks, key opinion leaders, government officials and potential partners located around the globe.


World Placeholder


  • Roadshows in the United States, Europe and Asia provide the opportunity to explore potential investment and partnering opportunities and international expansion.
Engage with Wall Street
  • Provide connectivity to sell-side analysts and capital markets professionals at bulge bracket firms and boutique investment banks
  • Provide connectivity to retail brokerage and private banking groups
  • Organize company events including field trips and analyst days
Engage with Potential Partners
  • Provide connections to potential cross-border partners
  • Leverage company presence at trade-shows, conferences, and/or medical meetings
Engage with Government Officials and Agencies
  • Prospect of international expansion
  • Evaluation of new distribution channels
  • Fiscal considerations, protection of IP, government support of research
  • Recruitment of key talent




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