Venture Engineering
Venture Engineering (VE) is a process by which early stage companies are rapidly and efficiently de-risked through active and early engagement in the market, strategically partnered and positioned for multiple exit opportunities.

Meeting the right people is essential for success.

We empower entrepreneurs by introducing them to the most influential people their business will serve as it finds scalable solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Social Impact Assessment

The positive societal, economic and financial impact of the Venture Engineering approach is amongst highest within capital markets.

  • Determine the company’s potential to achieve the SDGs and create a lasting impact
  • Identify interconnectedness
  • More technologies make it to a world in need
  • Drive down the cost of healthcare
  • High quality jobs creation engine

Investment Criteria
  • A proven, scalable life science or healthcare-centric technology that will emerge
    as an apex competitor facing at least one large market
  • A platform technology that allows us to strike multiple deals
  • Founders who buy into our engaged management approach, our de-risking
    process, and our venture engineering tools and metrics to measure progress

The VE “Go to Market” Process

We provide the high caliber, daily-engaged, C-level management team needed to rapidly grow each portfolio company. We conduct large-scale interviews to clarify risks & opportunities, and develop a clear optimized plan.

We build the team from the most empowered people in the portfolio company’s industry and recruit them as customers, strategic acquirers, officers, directors, or future investors. Unlike venture capital, which bets on the team, venture engineering bets on the process to build the best team, technology and strategic acquirers. By the end, we have built relationships with the market.

We optimize the product, service or plan to meet the greatest market opportunity that emerges from the venture engineering process. We conduct critical proof-of-principle research, build and test prototypes, alphas and betas. We build distribution channels and conduct market launches as defined by the plan and appropriate for each

We structure our investments for early liquidity events, cashing out of our portfolio companies during peak market valuation.

  • Companies are measurably de-risked and optimized
  • Family offices are the lead value creation engine
  • Build relationships with the most empowered people in the industry
  • Optimize the product, service or plan to meet the greatest market opportunity that emerges from the process
  • Build distribution channels and conduct market launches
  • Negotiate non-dilutive strategic R&D and distribution deals
  • Create value and sell early
  • Achieve more wins, faster wins and higher returns
Convening Power

We optimize a company’s strategic position and introduce them to members of our community who can advance corporate responsibility, capitalize businesses and open channels for international expansion.

Healthcare Events and Delegation Visits

ICV Philadelphia 2017: Healthcare Innovation Forum at Jefferson
ICV San Francisco 2018: Healthcare Innovation Forum at UCSF
ICV Manhattan 2017: Investing in African Health Systems
ICV Geneva 2018: Investing in African Health Systems
ICV Delegation Visit to China
ICV Delegation Visit to Japan

Management Team
  • Empowered professionals within capital and corporate markets
  • Allocate capital on behalf of family offices for more than a decade
  • Manage large pools of institutional capital
  • Capable of driving liquidity from unique sources
  • Lead corporate boards towards performance and efficiency, stewarding strategic planning and risk management
  • Deep analytical experience to assess social impact and measurement of outcomes
  • Craft international engagement strategies for business interests abroad

Gary MagnantGary Magnant is CEO of ICV Venture Engineering, LLC. He is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Thrive Bioscience, Inc., Sage Science, Inc. and Owl Scientific (now part of Thermo Fisher), and the former Vice President of MJ Research (now Bio-Rad). Gary holds numerous patents and inventions and numerous bioscience related board positions. He is also the Co-founder and former President of ActivBiotics (Lexington, MA) and ThermoCeramix (Montreal, Canada), as well as the former Chairman, Trustee, Hallowell Awardee, of Stoneridge, a private Montessori school in Beverly, MA (now Harborlight-Stoneridge).

Gary believes that there is a better way to start life science companies than traditional VC. His experience in founding and building Thrive Bioscience in May 2014 was so personally and professionally transformative, that he founded Triple Sharp Venture Engineering to help construct other life science companies. Triple Sharp’s mission constructs new companies with two aims. First, the company strives to own and efficiently manage risk, and second, the company build super-engaged management teams. Triple Sharp Venture Engineering navigates its client companies through growth, financings, and exits.



“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

 – Henry David Thoreau