Delegation Visits
ICV connects the Next Generation of Business Leaders, Family Offices and Institutional Investors, Key Opinion Leaders and Government Officials around the world.


Engage Institutional Investors

Meet hard-to-reach family offices and fund investors in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States

Engage Key Opinion Leaders

Meet the faculty and staff of some of the leading academic medical centers in the United States

Engage Potential Partners
  • Identify potential cross-border partners in Africa and Asia
  • Leverage company presence at trade-shows, conferences and medical meetings


Engage Government Officials
  • Expand into Asia
  • Reach new markets for product distribution
  • Understand fiscal considerations, protection of IP, and government support of research
  • Recruit key talent


Key Figures*
Family Offices and Institutional Investors: 17,106
CEOs of Private and Public Companies: 2,407
Non-government and non-profit: 388
Government: 134
Academia: 85


World Placeholder


*as of January 1, 2018