ICV introduces CEOs of the Private Sector to Family Offices, Institutional Investors, Key Opinion Leaders and Government Officials around the world.
Engage Family Offices and Fund Investors

With more than 17,000 investors in our network, ICV introduces the CEOs of the private sector to hard-to-reach family offices, investors who do not typically attend conferences, and institutional investors. Sustained follow-ups and engagement helps to build long-term relationships. Targeted communication of company related information helps to keep investors informed.

Engage Key Opinion Leaders
  • Provide connectivity to faculty and staff of leading academic medical centers


Engage Potential Partners
  • Identify potential cross-border partners
  • Leverage company presence at trade-shows, conferences and medical meetings


Engage Government Officials
  • Expand internationally
  • Reach new markets for product distribution
  • Fiscal considerations, protection of IP, government support of research
  • Recruit key talent


Key Figures*
Family Offices and Institutional Investors: 17,106
CEOs of Private and Public Companies: 2,407
Non-government and non-profit: 388
Government: 134
Academia: 85

A Closer View by Region
Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and United States


World Placeholder


* as of January 1, 2018