We are building a community of extraordinary individuals who, by virtue of their wealth, knowledge and caring, can advance corporate responsibility, capitalize businesses at significant levels, and influence systemic and sustainable change in the world.



We aggregate investment and donated capital, which we direct to businesses led by socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs who are achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


We use all possible resources available, partnering with centers of innovation, government agencies, and some of the biggest names in development to solve the most pressing problems that no one can solve alone.


Through convening, we connect family offices and fund investors in collaborative and safe environments to evaluate opportunities that create a social impact beyond a financial return.

Key Figures:

Institutional Investor and Family Office Executives: 40,000+
Chief Executives of Private and Public Companies: 2,700+
Nonprofit Leaders: 700+
Government Officials: 100+
Key Opinion Leaders in Academia: 100+

World Placeholder