ICV is pleased to present A Modern Day Sacred Space as part of The Inner and the Outer Peace Fund, which focuses on entrepreneurs and game changers who are advancing how we integrate contemplative therapies into our 21st century lives to advance human potential and effect positive change.

In our overly stimulated and chaotic world, A Modern Day Sacred Space helps us find authentic presence in a culture of busyness. This groundbreaking and iconographic meditation orb reinvents the concept of sacred space, with purposefully built installations that reduce stress and restore mind body balance.

Ross Lovegrove and Shelley Lewis, Executive Director of the Inner and Outer Peace Fund and brainchild behind a Modern Day Sacred Space, will design the next generation of a sacred space, paying homage to the liturgical sacred space’s of the past whilst acknowledging the real social challenges that we now face as a culture: burnout, fatigue, disconnection, overwhelm and addiction.

“Ross Lovegrove, the one-time iconic designer and world’s leader in organic and sensual design, sees the vision for A Modern Day Sacred Space as the ‘opposing force’ in our contemporary culture and an essential element in human healing.”


The Problem(s) We Face

The meta creation of this Sacred Space addresses three specific concerns endemic in our current culture: The Disease of Being Busy; Radiation and The Use of Cell Phone Technology; Alienation and the Pain Epidemic.

As Sherry Turkle, Professor of Social Studies at MIT explains: ”despite the power and influence of technology we’ve actually never been so far from self. Our 24/7 plugged-in-ness is causing havoc on our natural ecosystems as human beings.”

Purposefulness and Objective

Both an object of virtue and an experiential multi functional piece of art and design applicable for commercial installation, Sacred Space will become an important symbol of reconnection in our modern world ushering in a new paradigm of thought; a harkening back to the wisdom of our inner self and the remembrance that we are human beings, not simply human doings.

Sacred Space – designed to cultivate Inner Peace – offers a refuge from the constant influx of noise on the senses; a place of Pure Meditation, Intention Setting and Divining.
Image courtesy. A recent work by Ross Lovegrove; The Alpine Capsule
Theory and Design Philosophy

Purposefully built to obtain equilibrium and harmony and infused with pure oxygen to recalibrate the nervous system and restore energetic balance.

Sacred Space offers a moment out to pause and reflect, evoking a sense of peace and transcendence.

The architecture, sacredness and geometry of Sacred Space represents the pure crystalline nature of our being. Representing light over shadow; shifting the veil on our human experience, calling in a return to empathy and a recognition of the subtle; ever evolving and transforming with the light this Sacred Space reflects the tension between physical materiality and our spiritual essence.

Curated as a space to cultivate attentiveness and encourage internal reflection, Sacred Space is designed to foster True Connection – a calling out to humanity to reflect the ideals of internal peace and therefore our positive, resonant and vibrant connection to others.
The Science of Quiet

When we learn to slow down one of the most beautiful side effects of this simply met intention is that we remember how to savor. In our fast speed data-driven worlds, we must not lose our ability to be vulnerable and empathic with ourselves and with each other.

“This modern day version of ‘a sacred space’ will re-define what the word means in our culture today, free of dogma and divisive rhetoric.”

 – Shelley Lewis

Dissemination of Sacred Space(s)

Positioned in locations of conflict, cultural unrest and political instability, or simply as a beacon of faith in humanity’s quest to transcend the barriers of race, religion and division, Sacred Space(s) will appear dotted on the landscape as cocoons of both individual and collective healing. Primary installation suggestions include: The Walter Reid Medical Center for the treatment of veterans with PTSD and the Kingdom of Bhutan.
The Future

Stay tuned for The New Being Spaces of the Future. This limited edition is built with an eye toward commercialization through partnerships with corporations and global brands looking to elevate their company ethos and shift their image trajectory. Leading to potential acquisition by a technology company or urban development firm looking to incorporate Sacred Space(s) as custom built healing environments for integration into urban environments intended to transform personal wellbeing with purposefully built (oneness orbs) to foster the Art of Reconnection.

Seed funding required: $100,000

Management Team

A Modern Day Sacred Space will be led by a world class team of designers, engineers, and game changers from around the globe.

Shelley LewisShelley Lewis, Executive Director of the Inner and Outer Peace Fund and the visionary of A Modern Day Sacred Space, is an entrepreneur designing forward-thinking lifestyle brands in publishing, wellness, and the arts with the mission to help people live well. After graduating with a RSA Diploma in Art History and working in the Impressionist art department at Christie’s in London, she moved to New York City to work in Christie’s Contemporary art department. She then went on to work at SFMOMA, where she helped curate the worlds first digital art award SFMOMA Webby Prize with Maya Drasin, Tiffany Shlain and Art Director David Ross, before returning to the UK to complete her Master of Arts (MA) at Glasgow University. Upon returning to the U.S., she secured a role assisting in the design of residential interiors for some of the worlds most spectacular residences, working alongside the likes of Alberto Pinto and Robert Couturier. Blending her experience of art and design, philanthropy and wellness, she is now spearheading her vision for the curation of A Modern Day Sacred Space and fulfilling one of her lifetime missions to help evolve human consciousness through designing practices for Inner Peace.
Ross LovegroveRoss Lovegrove is the world’s leader in Organic and Sensual Design using state of the art materials and technologies inspired by Nature and the spiritual reverence of Humanities place on Earth. Born 1958 in Cardiff, Wales. Graduated from Manchester Polytechnic with 1st Class BA Hons Industrial design in 1980. Master of Design of Royal College of Art, London in 1983. In the early 80’s worked as a designer for Frog Design in West Germany on projects such as Walkmans for Sony, Computers for Apple Computers, later moved to Paris as consultant to Knoll International;. Being author of the highly successful Alessandri Office System. Invited to join the Atelier de Nimes along with Jean Nouvel and Phillipe Stark, consulting to amongst others Cacharel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Dupont. Returning to London in 1986 he has completed projects for amongst others Airbus Industries, Kartell, Ceccotti, Cappellini, Idee, Moroso, Luceplan, Driade, Peugeot, Apple Computers, Issey Miyake, Vitra, Motorola, Biomega, LvMH, Yamagiwa Corporation, Tag Heuer, Hackman, Alias, Herman Miller, Artemide, Japan Airlines and Tokyo Ito Architects in Japan. Winner of numerous international awards his work has been extensively published and exhibited internationally including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Guggenheim Museum NY, Axis Centre Japan, Pompidou Centre, Paris and the Design Museum, London, when in 1993 he curated the first permanent collection. His work is held in permanent collections of various design museums around the world including Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA), Design Museum in London and Vitra Design Museum Weil Am Rhein, Basel, CH. His work was shown in many exhibitions around the world.

Philanthropy: Love of Humankind

At the end of the day, at the end of our lives, we will ask ourselves whether we could have done more for the health and well-being of the planet, of humanity and all living things. Leverage your charitable giving to create systemic change with ICV’s Catalytic Philanthropy.

Immediate amount needed: $100,000.

Our total fundraising goal for the first stage of development of A Modern Day Sacred Space is $1 million. For use of proceeds, please contact us.

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“It’s one of those magical acts that is so poly-sensorial and culturally enriching that as a designer one is naturally drawn to the cult of the object.”

 – Ross Lovegrove