Leading institutions, such as Harvard, MIT, the Neuroscape Research Lab at UCSF and the Greater Good Science Center at Berkeley have researched neural pathways and music, and verified scientifically what we have known throughout centuries — humans are wired for music.

At Come Together, we will celebrate how our love of music transcends national boundaries, ethnicities and religion just as it did 50 years ago when The Beatles went to Rishikesh, India. There they were exposed to sacred sound and ancient mantras that led them to write anthems to Peace, Love & Unity, the songs we still sing to this day.

Music can unite the world. And there’s hard science to back this up.

It has been proven that it brings us together, changes our moods and uplifts our spirits. Music has been used to break down political barriers, launch nonviolent revolutions and concretize some of humanity’s most significant rites of passage.
Silk Road Ensemble, 2015 October Media Day, Photo Shoot, ©Liz Linder Photography
Now scientists are discovering that music impacts brain circuits that elicit empathy, the ability to trust, and cooperation. That’s why music has been central to every culture in the world going back to hunter-gatherers, and may well be the most powerful tool we humans have to help catalyze world peace.

Glass brain flythrough - Gazzaleylab / SCCN / Neuroscapelab

At the University of California’s Neuroscape Research Lab, this brain pulses in real-time to the rhythm of electronic music, displaying brain activity as a kaleidoscope of colors to the rhythm of electronic music, which is used as a tool by UCSF to determine targeted disease therapies for Alzheimer’s, autism and multiple sclerosis.

“These findings… imply that early age of musical acquisition, sustained and maintained during advanced age, may enhance cognitive functions and buffer age and education influences.”

 – Psychology Science

Come Together will partner with the Berklee College of Music — a world leader in the use of music to connect different cultures. We’ll bring East & West together and model global unity with international artists who have big followings, using social media to jumpstart groups of young musicians all across the world, who see this potential of music to bridge the divide between cultures and religions — thus creating a new generation of social entrepreneurs.


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

 – Plato



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We hope you will join us and the world will be as one.