With the world's largest network of family offices and institutional investors, we are mobilizing trillions of dollars to find solutions to the world's greatest challenges.

By forming unlikely partnerships — with academia, government agencies and large corporations — we identify innovations that will improve the lives of many.

Through innovative financing, we unlock sources of capital and direct that capital in a conscious way to create a social impact beyond a financial return.

By leveraging our convening power, we create awareness and turn that awareness into action, and we identify, connect and empower change makers who have the character, courage and commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Key Figures
Family Offices and Institutional Investors: 17,000+
CEOs of Private and Public Companies: 2,700+
Non-government and non-profit: 600+
Government: 100+
Academia: 100+
A Closer View by Region
Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and United States

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