ICV builds partnerships that can leverage the collective resources of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to solve the most pressing problems that no entity can solve alone.


USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential.

As a partner, ICV works closely with Development Innovation Ventures (DIV), part of the U.S. Global Development Lab, USAID’s open competition supporting breakthrough solutions to the world’s most intractable development challenges—interventions that could change millions of lives at a fraction of the usual cost.

DIV seeks to bring in new ideas for solving problems facing millions around the world – delivering more impact, for less money, with greater potential for sustainable scale. Inspired by the venture capital experience, DIV uses a tiered, evidence-based funding model to test ideas, gather evidence of what works, find failures quickly and cheaply, without long-term commitments, and continue to support only proven solutions.


ICV is proud to serve as fiscal sponsor to the Permanent Secretariat to the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization created in 2006, with its own board, based in Rome and operates on a permanent basis.

The major activity of the Permanent Secretariat is organizing the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates internationally recognized as among the most important annual events in the field of peacemaking, attracting Nobel Peace Laureates, high-profile leaders, organizations, students and professors from around the globe since 1999.

The Permanent Secretariat organizes the Summit in different locations across the globe with the support of a number of Nobel Peace Laureates’ foundations and organizations, and in partnership with hosting municipalities and prominent local foundations.

Vadim V. Zagladin, who was also the founder of the Permanent Secretariat, conceived the Summits, which were promoted by President Mikhail Gorbachev and the former Mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni.

The Permanent Secretariat is supported by a staff of volunteers, linked with its own representatives in Italy, France, Germany, Russia, United Sates, Asia and Africa, working together to explore new opportunities in the pursue of our association goals.


Established in 1825, Jefferson is the largest academic medical center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with 30,000+ people reimagining health care, education and discovery and dedicated to one thing: Improving lives

  • Philadelphia’s second largest employer
  • Ranked by U.S.News & World Report as the nation’s 16th Best Hospital; nationally ranked in 11 clinical specialties
  • Jefferson Health includes 14 hospitals, 2,904 licensed beds, 6,600 physicians and practitioners, and 7,400 nurses
  • 50+ outpatient and urgent care locations and 3.7 million outpatient visits
  • NCI-designated Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
  • Home of Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) and the Sidney Kimmel Medical College
  • 9 colleges and 4 schools spanning architecture, business, design, engineering, fashion, health, medicine, science, textiles and more
  • 160 undergraduate/graduate programs
  • NCAA Division II Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference; 17 intercollegiate athletics teams

ICV has partnered with Jefferson on the The Cancer Breakthroughs Fund to invest in proof-of-concept studies that typically go unfunded through traditional government and industry sources. The Fund will serve as a vital source of support for innovative research.

A leader in the biomedical revolution, Stanford Medicine has a long tradition of leadership in pioneering research, creative teaching protocols and effective clinical therapies.

Stanford Medicine’s close proximity to the resources of the university — including the Schools of Business, Law, Humanities and Sciences, and Engineering, its seamless relationship with its affiliated adult and children’s hospitals, and its ongoing associations with the entrepreneurial endeavors of Silicon Valley, make Stanford Medicine uniquely positioned to accelerate the pace at which new knowledge is translated into tangible health benefits.

ICV has partnered with Stanford Medicine on the The Next Pandemic Fund which is dedicated, in part, to funding innovative research focused on influenza and other viruses.

University of California, San Francisco is the leading university exclusively focused on health. Through advanced biomedical research, graduate-level education in the life sciences and health professions, and excellence in patient care, UCSF is leading revolutions in health worldwide.

UCSF Health is recognized worldwide for its high-quality, innovative patient care, informed by advanced technologies and pioneering research.

UCSF Health providers are leaders in virtually all specialties, including cancer, cardiology, children’s health, neurology and transplant, and direct more than 1,300 clinical trials each year.

UCSF Health exceeds the most widely used patient satisfaction and safety measures in the nation, and holds the highest designation for facilities that treat the most complex and
specialized conditions.

UCSF Health includes UCSF Medical Center, ranked among the nation’s top five hospitals by U.S. News & World Report 2017–18, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, and Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics. The health system also includes affiliations with top-tier hospitals and physician groups throughout the Bay Area to bring specialty care to patients
close to home.

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, with locations in San Francisco and Oakland, compose the largest network of children’s medical providers in Northern California, and offer more than 65 pediatric medical specialties and subspecialties, including the region’s top-ranked pediatric cancer care.

UCSF Dental Center operates 21 clinics in San Francisco, providing comprehensive dental services from routine care to the most sophisticated oral health care available today.

UCSF is recognized as one of the world’s greatest research universities, with a collaborative culture focused on understanding, preventing and treating disease.

UCSF is the top public recipient of the highly competitive funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

ICV has partnered with UCSF on the The Cancer Breakthroughs Fund to invest in proof-of-concept studies that typically go unfunded through traditional government and industry sources. The Fund will serve as a vital source of support for innovative research.

The Every Breath Counts Coalition

An unprecedented number of organizations representing governments, business, United Nations and development agencies has joined forces in the Every Breath Counts Coalition, a first-of-its-kind partnership to support national governments to end preventable child pneumonia deaths by 2030, with a special focus on the countries with the largest populations of children under five at greatest risk of death.

Pneumonia kills nearly 1 million children under the age of five around the world, causing more deaths than HIV/AIDS, diarrhea and malaria combined. For every $1 in global health assistance, only 2 cents is invested in fighting pneumonia, the leading killer of children in the world.

As a member of the EBC Coalition, ICV launched the Every Breath Counts Fund to bring visibility to the burden of pneumonia and to catalyze investment in innovations and breakthrough technologies that target the leading killer of children under 5 as part of our overall effort to save women’s and children’s lives.

ICV has partnered with The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) on Fighting For Air to ensure no Nigerian child dies from pneumonia unnecessarily. CHAI has already made a positive impact by improving access to life-saving diagnostics and treatments at health facilities across three states, but there is more work to be done to combat the largest killer of children under five.

Building on this initial success, ICV and CHAI are seeking partners to help scale up the program nationally, with implementation in seven high-burden states over the next four years and a budget of $27.3 million. With this expanded program, ICV and CHAI expects to:

  • Increase the percent of children with severe pneumonia receiving correct treatment from 2% to >40%
  • Increase the percentage of children with hypoxemia receiving oxygen from 10% to at least 50%


Omnis Institute is an independent non-profit organisation committed to challenging critical global issues through the amplification of emerging local leaders. Founded by Dr. Alaa Murabit, Aziza Khabbush and Christina Myers, Omnis provides a platform for local leaders, with a particular focus on women and youth, offering leadership acceleration and mentorship opportunities to those with an interest in international peace and security, human rights and sustainable development.

Omnis Institute focuses on four areas of expertise, namely education, health, migration and security, with gender equality at the core of our mission. Working closely on the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the Omnis Institute focuses on illustrating the importance of local leadership and collaboration, and recognise that the fulfilment of the Global Goals is only possible when local social entrepreneurs, local businesses and international organisations work together. Omnis Institute strongly believe that a crosscutting, multilateral approach with young local leaders at the forefront, and engaged with global actors and businesses is the most effective solution to address today’s major global challenges.

ICV has partnered with Omnis Institute on the The Omnis Fund to challenge the critical global issue of women’s health and reproductive rights. With the global refugee crisis reaching an all-time high, The Omnis Fund aims to facilitate essential research to establish sustainable solutions to the major health disparities in both refugee camps and urban displaced communities.

ICV is proud to serve as fiscal sponsor to Le Ciel Foundation, a UK based charity whose missions are to reconnect humanity with nature and its true nature, bridge the know-how and ingenuity of modernity with the wisdom of ancestral traditions, help create a global paradigm shift beneficial to all life.

Le Ciel produces purpose-driven initiatives, educational and engaging media content, solution orientated workshops, gatherings and events with the potential of creating individual and collective change. In doing so, they are constantly guided by the knowledge and values of wisdom traditions.

Their achievements so far include:


As a supplement to the Sustainable Development Goals, New Era World Model takes a pragmatic approach to ensuring human and ecological well-being by focusing on one unit (community) at a time, leveraging local specificities of the place, people, culture and religion for the most efficient and sustainable outcomes in addressing the thematic concerns of the SDGs.

The N.E.W. Model aims to create communities that are economically empowered, socially responsible and environmentally stable. With an understanding that we need to create and enhance receiving capacity of communities first, before making an investment, the N.E.W. Model establishes the level of receiving capacity of a community, then lines up priorities to ensure the SDGs are met simultaneous

ICV has partnered on New Era World Model with a vision to employ an efficient intervention approach to building economically empowered, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable communities while maintaining their cultural dignity and natural identity.

Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles (PSR-LA) advocates for policies and practices that improve public health, eliminate nuclear and environmental threats, and address health disparities.

PSR-LA recognizes that the physical and social environment often determines health status and is committed to addressing that reality. PSR-LA’s work is grounded in science, and the lived experiences of health professionals and their patients. PSR-LA is guided by the precautionary ideal to forsee and forestall damage to human health and the environment. Within their work PSR-LA focuses on health, the environment, social justice, and public policy.

The work of PSR-LA:

  • Provide support to physicians and health professionals who want to connect their experience and education to environmental policy objectives
  • Provide technical assistance, training, and capacity-building support to our members and allies
  • Work in broad-based coalitions that reflect the diverse experiences of communities, build clear solutions for complex problems, and drive a health-centered policy approach to environmental decision making
  • Disseminate credible science-based information on the links between health, the environment, and policy choices
  • Employ a wide range of tools to impact public policy outcomes including policy development, legislative education, media advocacy, litigation

ICV has partnered with nuclear, medical and public health experts of PSR-LA on the Back from the Brink, a national initiative seeking to fundamentally change U.S. nuclear weapons policy.

The campaign seeks to help Americans understand (1) the enormity of the destruction that nuclear war will cause; (2) the great and increasing danger that nuclear weapons will be used; and (3) the reality that nuclear weapons are the greatest threat to our health, safety, and security.