David Beutel
Aquaculture and Fisheries Coordinator, RI Coastal Resources Management Council

David Beutel has worked with the fishing industry since the late 1970’s, and has been both a commercial fisherman and a fishing gear manufacturer. He worked for RI Sea Grant for 17 years in fisheries and aquaculture outreach, as well as fishing gear research to reduce bycatch. He was part of the team that developed the “Eliminator” trawl, which received the World Wildlife Fund Smart Gear award in 2007. He has also developed educational programs on Fishing techniques, fisheries and aquaculture issues, and seafood choices for the industry and the public.

As aquaculture and fisheries coordinator, he works to facilitate the regulation and development of aquaculture in Rhode Island. Another primary effort has been helping to develop the fisheries aspects of marine spatial planning, primarily through the work of the RI Ocean Special Area Management Plan.