Jamie Dougherty
CEO, New Era World Model

Jamie Dougherty is a passionate humanitarian and advocate for sustainable development. With a strong sense of justice and a powerful will to make a difference, Jamie has evolved from the role of school teacher to change-maker, helping impoverished communities around the globe to upgrade the quality of education, drinking water supply, gender equality and nutrition.

Jamie started by volunteering at the Home for Women, a safe heaven for sex traffic victims and rape victims in Thailand. She helped the home with counseling and empowerment programs like English class. Around the same time in Thailand, she involved 40 students from Ruamrudee International School who after raising enough funds, helped a local school in Northern Thailand install a drinking water supply system.

Jamie has been teaching for the last 12 years with experiences from three different continents. She started the ‘Nepal Project’ at the United Nations International School, New York, which has been ongoing for 4 years now involving over 120 students where they created and raise funds for meal programs in primary schools in Nepal and go there once a year to visit the schools.

Recently, she headed the ‘Lanyard Project’ linking one of the most underprivileged groups of women from Nepal to the United Nations’ High Level Political Forum (Forum for Sustainability). The participants of the forum wore the lanyards for their ‘Name Tags’ and the Women’s Initiative was commended at the forum.

Jamie’s interest in furthering the cause of sustainable development takes her to interesting places across the globe that present themselves as important case studies for understanding the process of change. She is the co-founder of New Era World Model, which is under registration process as a Non Profit in the USA.