Joanne Manrique
President, Global Health and Diplomacy

Ms. Joanne Manrique is the President of the Center for Global Health and Diplomacy (CGHD), an organization that brings together leaders from global health, investment, diplomatic and development communities to discuss health and development challenges broadly and develop innovative solutions to these issues.

Currently, CGHD is leading a multi-sectoral effort to increase private sector investment into global public health in the emerging markets. This effort focuses on establishing pilot projects in Uganda, Kenya and Colombia to stimulate capital flows for health and establish business models that ensure the availability of sustainable healthcare solutions.

This year, CGHD, in partnership with women heads of family wealth management offices as well as ministers of health and finance, launched the Women 4 Women Platform that focuses on blended financing solutions for education and economic development. Throughout her career, Ms. Manrique served as a foreign policy and health advisor to multiple heads of government, corporations and civil society organizations.