Philipp Stauffer
Founder & General Partner, FYRFLY

Philipp Stauffer is Co-Founder and General Partner at Fyrfly Venture Partners. He brings international mobile, online, ecommerce, digital marketing, data science and software / SaaS / cloud experience. Most recently, Philipp was the Co-Founder & CEO of Onor, a start-up in native & immersive marketing. Philipp also co-founded Dropimpact, a Silicon Valley Innovation Catalyst working with Fortune 500 companies internationally and their key decision makers. Previously, Philipp was a Senior Executive team member at Adchemy where he led strategic sales and client services. Prior to Adchemy, Philipp was a Managing Partner at Accenture focusing on growth strategy and innovation in areas such as cloud, big data, ecommerce, mobile and digital marketing, both in the consumer and enterprise space. Philipp also drove some of the investments of Accenture’s Technology Venture arm in Europe and the U.S.. Most recently he was a Founding Managing Partner of Accenture Interactive (now Accenture Digital), a now leading global marketing practice with more than 4,000 digital marketing and data sciences professionals globally. Prior to Accenture, Philipp was at Interpublic Group (IPG) in Europe, a leading global marketing, advertising and design services firm, specializing in product innovation and design. Prior to IPG, Philipp was part of the asset management team running public equity funds at The Vontobel Group, a leading Swiss Private Bank. Philipp is an active investor and advisor for many years with start-ups such as Playspan (acquired by Visa), Appstores (acquired by InMobi), Noisetoys (acquired by Jawbone), Angellist, Pubmatic, Philz Coffee, Speakr, Brillio, Marsec, Doky, SourceDNA, Tango Card, Pley, Trace and other great teams. Philipp authored multiple articles and published studies such as “The Future of Marketing is Consumer Powered Philanthropy”, “The Billion-Dollar Challenge: Monetizing the Digital Opportunity – Perspectives on Achieving Monetization Nirvana”, “High Performance in the Software Business – No Soft Options”, and “The Future of Enterprise Software”.

Philipp holds an BA in Micro Economics & Strategic Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.