Rahul Bhansali
Director, Indlak Group

Rahul Bhansali is a dynamic, curious, and analytically-minded tech entrepreneur and marketer that founded / co-founded three companies in organic food home delivery, physical commodity trade consulting and industrial safety technology. Most recently, he co-founded StrongArm Technologies (~$10m invested). There, he delivered a machine learning / IoT technology that is shown to produce massive savings for enterprise clients, to companies including some of the largest courier, retail and ecommerce companies in the world. He orchestrated the creation of its category, Industrial BioTelemetrics, to improve safety and productivity of millions of workers worldwide. He has seen firsthand the pitfalls and inefficiencies of the Venture Capital model, instilling in him a passion to operate an improved early stage investment model. As Director of Indlak Group, Rahul has managed a number of his family’s enterprises. After bringing his foray into organic agriculture, Ehsaas Organic, well into profitability, he integrated it into his family companies. The Bhansali Family’s business assets, primarily located in India, are spread across a number of activities such as international trade, footwear manufacturing, real estate development, hospitality, and organic food production and lifestyle products. Rahul has an MBA from Babson, is an oil painter, is trained in Socratic method-based dialogue facilitation, and practices deep insight meditation.